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February 24th, 2017 by J

Hardcore Megan having wild sex with a classmate

Megan Fox is one of the most sought-after sex symbols and for a very good reason. Few years before appearing in her first ever sexy role on film, she has been honing her skills in and out of bed just so she could perform on-screen in a more natural way, effortlessly naughty, as she would tease and she’s pretty good at it. She has filmed one of her wildest ‘training’ yet and it’s in a classroom with her favorite boy toy, a nerdy dude who’s got the hots for her. It didn’t take long for this prick to give her what she wanted and it looks as though he’s been waiting for this moment even before they grew pubes. Fox was a foxy teen hottie and this sex tape is about to show you just how tame she was in some of her films coz she’s simply hardcore giving a blowjob, having her pussy eaten and getting banged rough on a teacher’s table. You won’t see her doing these things all at once anywhere else and the fact that this ain’t scripted makes it 100 times hotter! Watch her get drilled like a bad bad bitch and get that pretty face sprayed.

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February 16th, 2017 by J

It’s no longer a secret how wild and hardcore Megan Fox can get and despite being a wife and mother now, she still never fails to give her fans something to fantasize about. Just watch this kinky sex tape, which exposes a younger Fox being the naughty and foxy babe that she is while in her former work place. She probably took the advice of her colleague to choose a more suited career for herself, which is why she’s been making a whole lot of cash from acting and, well, doing a more fun sideline having sex with random ripped men.

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She often acts as though she’s not too interested going all the way because she found out that most men she meet like her pretending to not know how teasing would usually go down. Perfect example of this behavior of Fox’s is in this leaked sex tape where she took the bait that is her naughty co-worker teasing her with the bulge in his pants. They ate each other up and eventually went to fucking hard and rough inside the cozy office until her buddy sprayed her on the face. Now we have an idea where Fox got her effortless acting skill when it comes to sex scenes.

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February 9th, 2017 by J

Like all of ’em nasty chicks, Megan Fox isn’t exempted from having some hot fantasies role playing as a naughty maid. She’s got this leaked video of herself wearing the costume as she teases an older dude ’til he started fingering and eating her pussy and ends up giving the horny jock a nice blowjob. Of course Fox got a load of jizz in exchange for her hot service.

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February 2nd, 2017 by J

Megan Fox is, no doubt, one of the sexiest women alive, with or without the little rascals she popped out from that nice and warm pussy of hers. She never runs out of ways to tease whoever dude she finds fun having sex with and she’d do this wherever she sees fit. This new leaked sex tape just unleashed Fox’s choice of diet and any man and nasty woman can relate to the banana-lickin’ style of flirting while wearing her skimpy clothing at home. Making her pal’s dick stiff in an instant, she gets her dose of a healthy breakfast by sucking on his cock after he eats her wet cunt. Ending the course with a wild fuck action on the kitchen counter, topping it off with her favorite spray of her lover’s milky jizz.

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January 26th, 2017 by J

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It’s no longer a surprise when we found a leaked sex tape of Megan Fox as a friggin’ naughty teenager. She’s one feisty cunt who can’t just resist a nice huge cock each day. She just calls on any guy she fancies and brings him into her bedroom so she’d give him hot head and they’d bang rough on the bed until she’s satisfied. You know when she is completely satisfied, when the dude sprays her pretty face with cum.

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January 19th, 2017 by J

As feisty as how we know she is ought to be, Megan Fox doesn’t always go for just fast and rough when it comes to giving and taking pleasure during her sex sessions with the hubby. Surprisingly, she does like it slow and steady at times most especially when blowing her husband’s cock. This, after all, is both their fantasy. Giving the most sensual head, make it last, and make her hubby explode inside her mouth instead of her pussy (when they are not in the mood to add another kid to the already growing bunch of rascals at home). Well, they’re probably done making babies so this time around, it’s just Fox and her naughty skills playing out whenever she and Brian Austin Green are having a steamy sex somewhere. Watch her lick and suck on that nice thick dick in this hot leaked sex tape. There are a ton more of cocksucking chicks out there, I know, but Fox has her own kinky ways of making her husband moan with pleasure while blowing his meat. And of course she gets all his juice for being such a good girl.

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January 12th, 2017 by J

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Sex Goddess Megan Fox may have had her hands full with feeding bottles and diapers but she never forgets to keep herself busy tending to her husband’s needs as well. Besides, giving him nice head every single day gives her pleasure so this naughty oral quickie is a-must for the pair to keep that fire burning. Watch her work her magic on her horny hubby’s thick cock and gets herself rewarded with a load of cum!

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January 6th, 2017 by J

A hardcore leaked sex tape of Megan Fox shows her having sex with one of her former lovers’ pals. Seems like all our fantasies about this sultry sex siren is already happening in her world and these revelations come in her naughty amateur porn clips on the web. Look at her go all-out wild with another man, blowing his thick cock and fucking him hard on a bed she and her EX boyfriend shared! She confessed that she knew her loser EX was inside the room too that’s why the more she sucked and banged and moaned as loud as she can, just so she’d make him horny watching her fuck someone else, which is actually their ultimate fantasy.

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Horny Megan Fox masturbates for her fans

December 22nd, 2016 by J

You gotta admit, we never ever imagined Megan Fox as some hot and feisty chick who would then become a friggin’ baby-making machine the moment she settles down. I didn’t even think, not in a million years, that she’d end up tying the knot. But life is full of surprises and would you believe she’s been married to celebrity hunk, Brian Austin Green, for almost 7 years now? Believe it and believe too that Fox’s charisma and sexual appeal never took a backseat just coz she was poppin’ babies the past years. In fact, this only grew stronger and attracted more fans because she found a new hobby to keep her happy and satisfied while the husband is away and she’d miss him so bad. With her husband’s permission, Fox makes kinky solo webcam shows for her old and new fans.

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They do give her something in return, aside from pleasure when they’d tell her they would jerk off more than they should because of her pussy-playin’ skills using her fuck machine. Fox would receive easy cash while she’s toying with her wet bald cunt on cam and her horny fans can’t help but throw their money at her each time Fox does something hot like moaning wildly and fucking her pussy harder with her toy. She’s really not as dumb as she looks when it comes to dealing with real life. She makes use of her hot and sexy body, that sultry face, and turn them into some kind of a piggy bank that makes her earn on the sides while pleasuring both herself and all those pervs on cam.

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December 8th, 2016 by J

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No wonder Megan Fox is one hot baby-making machine. She’s hardcore when it comes to sex and she’s no boring vanilla either. She likes it rough and fast and enjoys it in any hole you wish to stick that stiff dick in. She’s a tease who starts off by displaying her fine curves, stripping naked, and giving a sloppy blowjob. And the moment she gets her man’s shaft hard she’d make him fuck her wet cunt and that sexy tight ass. She’s wild in this leaked sex tape and wilder than you’ve seen her before, no doubt. She just wanted this lucky jock to do that bunghole real hard and good and give her his hot cum.