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April 27th, 2017 by J

Megan Fox is one of the teases that men can’t simply resist especially when she’s got her hand on your crotch, stroking your growing dick from inside your pants. This is her style with random dudes she finds attractive, and she never fails to get their full attention, however they try to escape her sexy spell. Just like this BBC who happens to drop by her place to chat for a bit and when he’s about to head out, Fox wanted more than just a quick hi and hello from him. Her hands found their way on the unsuspecting guest and at first he was hesitant to give Fox what she’s craving for but eventually gave in. Who wouldn’t, right?

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Just look at her go with deepthroating this dude’s massive black dick and making such a mess with all her sticky saliva drippin’ all over the place. This didn’t end with just a naughty blowjob though because Fox got what she wanted the most and to have her neighbor’s thick and long meat inside her. He nailed her rough and deep on the couch, fucking her and slapping her sexy tight butt, they banged harder until they climaxed. Now we know why Fox’s male pals visits take so much time when she’s all alone at home and they swing by.

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April 21st, 2017 by J

We already know Megan Fox as a sex symbol but not everyone knows that her reign to being a sex siren started when she was years younger. Though we’ve already seen how wild she can get, Fox never fails to surprise us with her sex tapes that go back in time where she’s actually a teenage slut. Watch her tease and suck on an older man’s cock in this naughty sex tape and she mounts him on the couch like she’s done it a thousand times before! She rides his stiff shaft while doing some torrid liplock. God knows how long she’s been fucking this man’s dick but from the looks of it, and discovering how hot Fox looked as a teen, this dude hit the jackpot and most likely have had a ton of wild fuck sessions with her.

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April 7th, 2017 by J

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Megan Fox just found a quick way to take her husband’s blues away when they are apart. She mastered squirting with just a few strokes of her dildo inside that creamed pussy and she looks so fuckin’ hot doing it. She lived up to her promise of keeping things interesting in her marriage by fulfilling her hubby’s dream of watching her squirt. She’s a gorgeous woman with a sexy body, nice round titties, and the skills in bed that will drive men crazier. We’ll see how husband, Brian Austin Green, would fare with this new accomplishment of hers soon enough.

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March 31st, 2017 by J

Megan Fox didn’t earn the title sex Goddess for nothing. Because she’s just not a wild fuck for her former partners and the current one, she has been a hardcore fuck buddy to a bunch of random strangers as well. This hot leaked sex tape is just one if her hottest random encounters and she’s taking a huge one in her tight ass. Not only did she have fun sex with any man she desired, she did almost every single naughty thing with them too.

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Unlike with some chicks who ‘reserve’ their wild side for future husbands, Fox enjoys doing all the wild and bad things with any attractive dude with a massive dick who can please her. This dude is indeed lucky for he got a feel of those huge round breasts and he got to nail Fox rough in her bunghole and all of these were happening on a fuckin’ dining table! You can fairly say they had a nice buffet, feeding their hunger for each other’s lust as Fox sucks on the dude’s thick cock and she got her hole plowed ’til she made him cum in her hand while finishing it off with a hot handjob.

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March 24th, 2017 by J

When Megan Fox was 18, she enjoys going to frat parties and getting laid with any attractive male present in the gathering. She didn’t even have to choose which ones because by the time she steps in, all eyes are on her. There were sexy gorgeous chicks who’d actually wanna have a go at her but whenever there are men in the same room? She highly prefers to have sex with them because she wants sausages over tacos. Here’s one of those times when she was young and carefree and yes, so free to get messy with any man and not end up getting attached too. All for fun, obviously, and you’ll see it in this hot quick fuck session with an anonymous dude. All it took was a brief introduction and off they went into the bedroom. She gave him nice head and ends up getting nailed on the bed, riding the stiff dick and having that sexy tight ass jizzed on. Looks like they enjoyed each other’s company and probably had a lot more of these hot quickies we’ve yet to discover!

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Busty Megan Fox strips and masturbates

March 16th, 2017 by J

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Having a mommy bod didn’t stop Megan Fox from flaunting her naked self. Because, why not, right? Having kids did make her titties a lot bigger now and the change gave her curves. She shows us in this hot leaked masturbation clip how she’s enjoying the new sexy body and of course, she enjoys looking at herself so much that it turns her on and she always ends up filming herself while touching and playing with her hairy cunt. She admits she’s got her hands full with her kids that she’s got no second to spare for trimming her pubes. But the hubby likes how her pussy looks with all the hair so she leaves it the way it is now. She’s still hot as fuck with or without the bushy pubic area, for sure!

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March 9th, 2017 by J

30-year old mother of three, Megan Fox, hasn’t lost her sex appeal all these years. Unlike with so many other celebrity moms who gained so much baby weight and hasn’t gotten around into trimming down, Fox became the envy of them when she got her old sexy curvy self back in just a few months of popping out her third kid into this world. It’s no longer a secret, how she does it, because you are to watch her style of working out each day, which involves her naked self and some toys she feels like using. Yes, toys. Instead of gym equipments, she has her sex toys for play and sweat it out on her comfy bed.

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All she gotta do is strip down, spread and stretch her legs while she works on that nice wet hole. To her, masturbating is her go-to remedy for when she needs to burn fats easily coz it actually works for her. So, aside from pleasuring herself and her husband, who watches her while she plays, she gets added benefit of maintaining her fit physique every single time she toys with her pussy and she swears by this ritual. Oh, we believe you, Megan. Here’s to wishing we could see more of your fitness sessions and probably with a “private fitness instructor” next time, yeah?

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March 2nd, 2017 by J

A very pregnant and busty Megan Fox is caught on this wild leaked sex tape getting her pussy eaten and plowed rough by her own doctor. It’s probably true what they say about women and their heightened emotions and whatnot during pregnancy, Fox can’t even resist the urge to have a hardcore quickie with this old man before heading back home to her hubby. Checking up her vitals resulted in normal reading but her pulse did raise a couple of beats the moment she cums and got a load of jizz on her face while giving her doctor a nice blowjob.

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February 24th, 2017 by J

Hardcore Megan having wild sex with a classmate

Megan Fox is one of the most sought-after sex symbols and for a very good reason. Few years before appearing in her first ever sexy role on film, she has been honing her skills in and out of bed just so she could perform on-screen in a more natural way, effortlessly naughty, as she would tease and she’s pretty good at it. She has filmed one of her wildest ‘training’ yet and it’s in a classroom with her favorite boy toy, a nerdy dude who’s got the hots for her. It didn’t take long for this prick to give her what she wanted and it looks as though he’s been waiting for this moment even before they grew pubes. Fox was a foxy teen hottie and this sex tape is about to show you just how tame she was in some of her films coz she’s simply hardcore giving a blowjob, having her pussy eaten and getting banged rough on a teacher’s table. You won’t see her doing these things all at once anywhere else and the fact that this ain’t scripted makes it 100 times hotter! Watch her get drilled like a bad bad bitch and get that pretty face sprayed.