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December 8th, 2016 by jayq

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No wonder Megan Fox is one hot baby-making machine. She’s hardcore when it comes to sex and she’s no boring vanilla either. She likes it rough and fast and enjoys it in any hole you wish to stick that stiff dick in. She’s a tease who starts off by displaying her fine curves, stripping naked, and giving a sloppy blowjob. And the moment she gets her man’s shaft hard she’d make him fuck her wet cunt and that sexy tight ass. She’s wild in this leaked sex tape and wilder than you’ve seen her before, no doubt. She just wanted this lucky jock to do that bunghole real hard and good and give her his hot cum.

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July 20th, 2016 by jayq

Looks like it’s not just her husband and two kids who are benefitting from those massive titties because Megan Fox is foxy as hell for having this wild fuck session with a hung co-star. She uses her huge breasts and stiff tongue in pleasuring this lucky dude while she gets fucked hard from behind with that big dick.

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March 17th, 2016 by jayq

Would you believe that after popping out two kids, Megan Fox maintained her hot and sexy built? Well, it’s not really much of a shocker especially if you got a hunk of a husband like Brian Austin Green, who seems to be the type of man you’ll always catch lifting weights at a gym. They probably workout together to stay in shape. But apart from the public displays of affection and sweet and healthy activities couples do outdoors, Megan has her own agenda behind closed doors. So, if in case Brian is too busy to spend time with his sexy ass wife, Megan still enjoys playtime while she makes a video of it and shows it to dear hubby when he returns.

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I tell you, there’s no dull moment between these two and I won’t be surprised if they have a third critter on the way because of this. Megan Fox has been called one foxy lady and it’s for the reason that’s she’s one hot and naughty fuck. If she has no man’s cock available to suck on and fuck her pussy with, she settles for her dildo and play. She likes wearing slutty lingerie only to get naked in the long run and continue with her game play while exposing her fine body on cam.

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February 29th, 2016 by jayq

Having 2 kids did a whole lot of good for Megan Fox… and her titties. You know how it is with these yummy moms, right? When they start feeding these rascals their own milk, those juicy breasts go double in size or maybe three times, so motherhood seems to be a fine thing for her. Unlike her sexy female friends who need to go under the knife just to gain those extra filling in their juggs, all she gotta do is expose these funbags more and she benefits from it, keeping slim and having naturally huge and round tits. She’s having a lot of fun and naughty time using these assets in her leaked sex tapes. Just like in this particular clip where she effortlessly got some hunk’s attention while doing some quick shopping, ending up in a rough anal quickie on the floor.

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It’s probably her hot momma charm or simply her overall slutty aura that got her an automatic fuck buddy while innocently browsing through some stuff in the shop. What she didn’t know is that this ripped dude has been following her around, having a nice view of her ass as she bends over huge porcelain pots on the ground, examining details and all the while being examined at how it would feel like having her tight ass around his stiff cock. It didn’t take a while until Megan picked up the vibe and started unleashing that hots for this horny jock. Of course she has to have someone record this video for her because it’s one of her wildest public sex scandal yet. No need for lubricants from an alien robot to make her hole fit for a quick fuck. And obviously, she doesn’t need someone to drive her home as she can ride a stick on her ass just fine and it will take her and this lucky dude to wherever their ecstasy would take them.

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June 16th, 2010 by foxy

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Finally! Megan Fox will have her fist  honest-to-goodness sex scene in a movie! It’s all in the upcoming film entitled Jonah Hex, based on the popular comicbook series. Megan plays a prostitute in the Old West who has a thing for outlaws. She did do some hot and heavy scenes in the horror flick, Jennifer’s Body; but she ended up killing the guys she made out with in that movie. And although her curves were prominently featured in the first two Transformers films via lingering shots of shapely body, those movies were strictly PG rated flicks.

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And who is the lucky guy who gets to pop Megan Fox’s cinematic cherry? It’s actor Josh Brolin, who has this to say to the press about his sex scene with Megan:  “It was horribly awkward. It was her first love scene…  I think, ultimately, she felt very protected. We all looked out for her and we got most of the people off the set.”

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Man, Megan Fox has got to be the hottest woman on the planet!  She proves that she deserves the title of Sexiest Woman in the World with this photo shoot.  Just check out these hot pictures of Megan Fox posing totally naked and explicitly showing us what we can only dream about.  Her tits are perfect; just the right size and shape and perfectly complementing her body.  And she has really nice legs, too.  Imagine working your way from her beautiful face down to her neck then running your hands and tongue all over her fantastic breasts.  After that, slide down to her flat tummy then to her tight ass.  Make it a point to not go straight at her wet pussy.  You have to save the best for last, that’s what I say.  Enough daydreaming for now; click on the thumbs below to view the full-sized pics.  You can also visit her site, Megan Fox Naked, to get more naked images and videos of this brunette screen goddess.